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Photo:D. Kalischer

The Boston Skyline from Robbins Farm Park

The Friends of Robbins Farm Park is a community organization formed to promote the beautification, restoration, and improvement of the Robbins Farm Park located along Eastern Avenue in Arlington Heights, Massachusetts. We sponsor and promote cultural, educational, recreational and other community activities throughout the year. We invite active membership in the organization and seek to represent the Robbins Farm Park community.

Park Improvement Summary

As part of planned improvements for the playing fields at Robbins Farm Park, the Town of Arlington will be digging test pits by the baseball field at the park on Friday, February 3rd. This equipment should not impede park usage, but visitors are asked to give work crews necessary space to conduct their work. The test pits are dug to identify the condition of the soil structure under the playing fields and will help determine what will be required to properly rebuild them.